Ways of Fortune Slots

This game is one of the finest we have ever played when it comes to the Asian theme. It features things from all over the usual variety of imagery that you will see it, having a very unique look and take on every last bit of it. It is amazingly colorful, well executed technically, and highly distinctive. It doesn’t look like one other game on the market that you have ever seen, or, even other games in general! That’s how unique it all looks, which goes a long way towards making it feel great.

This game in particular is about China, and is more than just the way that it looks being somewhat Asian! They did a standout job here with the gameplay, going all out and making things authentically new and creative along the way. The number of lines you can bet on, for example, go up to 576. The most you can bet is $1400 a spin! Those numbers alone, if you have played a single slot on the Internet, will let you know that this is a new and different game that means business. You could still bet far less if you would like, and the coins still start at just a penny, but this is the most high rolling of all games if you would like to make a lot of money in a short period of time!

The software here is also very unique, being by Habanero. Their games are known for an extraordinarily high return to players, usually around 98%, really high betting amounts for those that are daring enough, and a very low variance between winnings. This is a wonderful combination to make for a moneymaking machine, and the fact that it is also pretty to look at only sweetens the deal!

What You Can Expect

As you can see from any of the screenshots, you already know that this game is extraordinarily pretty. We would dare to say that is one of the prettiest games we have ever seen around the Asian theme, and one of the prettiest games we have seen in general. It has a nice hand painted look to it that exudes enthusiasm with every single image. They even manage to make the suits of cards into very inventive designs that make it all feel unique, despite it technically being everything but that when it comes to using cards!

In addition to that, you will find a game that is an absolute blast to play. The number of pay lines, as we said, is staggering, going all the way up to 576. This is not double, or triple the amount of those elsewhere, it is more than 20 times what most games would offer players! This is alongside that high betting amounts that we mentioned, going all the way up to $1400. This is absolutely amazing. You will not see any other slots like it on the market that do quite the same thing outside of the Habanero brand. This game, much like it’s brothers and sisters, or made for people that want to put down lots of money, but get more than they bargained for in return. This more than makes up for the lack of some useful features you will find that other games, and it still makes for a very memorable experience overall!

What They Could Have Improved

We really did love this game from top to bottom, and it is very popular with players. Despite that, we all know that they could have changed at least a few things to make it a little bit better overall. Among those things that they could have changed is the obvious fact that they lack when it comes to jackpots. There’s really nothing of that kind here, instead turning the betting line mechanics into a game in and of itself. That’s all fine and dandy, and we do enjoy it, but we still would have liked a jackpot along side of that. Maybe even two or three! Some of the games around here even have four.

General Style and Presentation

They made this game look like it was a hand-painted version of something akin to the World of Warcraft games with a slight Asian twist to it. We say that in a positive way, as we love the way that game looks! The images here all have a nice contrast of how big and small some of the parts are, making everything feel vibrant, alive, and high contrast. Even the swords themselves look like they could be flattering through the air as you see them go by, and we have never seen such nice looking suits of cards! It all feels very sophisticated and high class, and almost daring you to bet as much as you care about.

Summing Up the Game

Ways of Fortune Slots is a game that has a few peers when it comes to the Asian themed slot world. Even then, it also has few peers in general! This game was expertly crafted and designed to appeal to players of all kinds. Even if you hate everything that resembles Asia, you can still appreciate everything they did here. It is amazing to look at, amazing to play, and the results, as you would expect, are amazing!

If you are willing to put down up to $1400 for a spin, enjoy a higher return rate of 98% on what you bet, and like to have a little bit of classy graphics in your games, this game is for you. We can recommend it as one of our favorites, easily one of the best in the genre, and it’s a good game all around for players of any kind. And don’t worry, you can still bet a small amount, you don’t actually have to bet $1400 for us if you’re afraid to!