Leprechaun Carol Slots

We are not sure who decided to make leprechauns and elves come together, but that's what they did here, and we personally find the results to be somewhat unsettling! Although they clearly put a lot into this game, and we can respect that, we do not think we will be alone in thinking about seeing the title character choose from a bunch of fiddles over the snow is going to turn your stomach. The return to the player is quite good, but we have a hard time liking this game aside from that. It is well-made in most ways, just poorly chosen on the theme.

This really is a shame, as they clearly tried very hard when they made this one. It's definitely not a throwaway game, and pragmatic play titles are known to be quite well done. This game in that way is no different, it just looks somewhat different in ways that we find to be somewhat disturbing. Maybe if they had made a Halloween game, or a horror parody, we can get behind it. Winning up to 6000 times a bet is also helpful, but not enough in our book!

If you are OK with leprechauns, love Christmas, and can get over the way the game works, we think that you will get by just fine in this game. The multipliers and free spins go up to six, giant symbols come into play when you get them, and all kinds of other things to make it look like it is a lot of fun to play. It's still hard for us to keep playing it, however, because of the way it all makes us feel the longer we stare at it!

What You Can Expect

For starters, you can expect it all to look very different! This is the hallmark of the game itself, being part of the leprechaun series that they made, and using very similar graphics all around. If you have played the other games in the series, you will recognize them all, here having been repainted for the holiday theme. Anyone else will still think that it was well-made, despite how creepy it looks from what we have said.

The game play here is very good. We will give it that! Random symbols here can turn into wilds, the bonus game will have you pick a fiddle to decide how much you will win, the free spins and multipliers go hand-in-hand, and when they show up, symbols become giant and easier to match. This almost guarantees having a match in some situations, which we enjoy! It also has a wonderful return.

We will also commend them for the way the graphics look, aside from the title character. If it wasn't for him, we would think it all looks very cute and enticing. It has a nice Christmas vibe to it have a lot of visual flair. It's a shame about the title character, however, as he really did ruin it for us!

What They Could Have Improved

One of the things we would definitely improve here, as we have said, is the theme in general. We do adore pragmatic play titles, but we do not like leprechauns at all. They creep us out as always, and we don't think that this one did a very good job of changing that for the better. This made the game somewhere hard for us to play, and we know we are not alone in something like this. It is similar to people that are somewhat averse to things such as dolls and related odd looking people like creatures. It's creepy, is what it is!

We would not change the game play at all, however. That part about it they got right, and the return on player is good. Because it is fun, inventive, and returns quite well, we see no reason to change anything about any of that in the slightest!

General Style and Presentation

This game is a hand-painted winter wonderland that was made by a very skilled craftsmen. It looks good enough to be one of the cover images on any number of wonderful Christmas toys and decorations, and it's even well done enough to be its own series. It could be made into a movie or video game, or even a comic, it comes together that well. It's the creepiness of the title character, however, that mostly ruins it for us, but we won't go out about that anymore, instead focusing on the positive.

If you like things that are somewhat cartoony and have a lot of character, but also like the painterly and realistic style, this game is a good mix of the two. It all looks like it could somewhat be real or from a movie, almost been computer generated and how well it was executed. This extends even to the suits of playing cards, which here look cheerful and festive, just like the beer and everything else! And of course, everything is covered in lots of white snow, which we do enjoy and appreciate, no matter the time of year.

Summing Up the Game

Leprechaun Carol Slots is a monumental effort and a sure fire achievement for pragmatic play. They put a lot into this, and building on the other games in the leprechaun series, this one is definitely the better of the two. If it were not for the character that leads the show being very creepy, we would have embraced it in all ways. If you can get over that, however, or are among the people that find him to be cute, then you will love this game too. It does a good job all around, plays well and pays even better, and it has a great return. If those are all the boxes to check in a wonderful slot machine game, we're not sure what is!