Happiest Christmas Tree Slots

There are more games about Christmas and related things in the slot world than you can shake a stick at. You likely couldn't throw a pixel on the internet more than a few bytes without hitting one. It's the most popular holiday and made for one of the most popular themes, people all gobbling it up in unison and having a nice time of it no matter the time of year. This is one of the better ones among the many others you'll see on the market, and we had a very decent run of it despite it having been a warm day outside when we played it!

They took what most people do with holiday themed games and simply did it fairly well. Everything has decent production values, the features are good, and there's not much to sneeze at here. You can win up to 10,000 times any coins you bet, and there's a prize pot for you to unlock if you get all the lucky symbols! There are even free spins that rain down like snow on you in times of need, and everything looks like it was clearly made to be together.

Our only gripe with this game is the theme, which we admittedly enjoy. Being holiday themed, however, makes it somewhat jarring to play at different times of year, making it feel funny and off if it's 100 degrees outside. If you're okay with that, and it happens to be the season to play this one, however, feel free to jump on the sleigh and win all kinds of dough! That's likely how Santa got rich enough to afford his setup, and the ability to make all of the gifts get there on time each and every year.

Like many Habanero games, the headlining feature is just how much you can wager when you play. In this game's case, you can go up to $4,000 for a spin, which is so high it makes is nervous. That's more than rent, a mortgage payment, or any other adult things that we do! We appreciate those ballsy enough to give that a try though. We commend your courage and wish we had some to match! Feel free to share your winnings if you hit the big one on a bet like that.

What You Can Expect

Like most Christmas themed games, this one is covered in trees, snow, toys, and related goodies. This one takes the village approach rather than setting things in the mountains, which we appreciate, as most games to the latter and they all kind of look the same to us after a while. In addition to that, they have multiple things you can match to multiply your coins by many orders of magnitude, as well as many other standard things you're used to that are simply well done here.

The maximum bet is also $400 a spin, which goes a long way to making play sessions lucrative, and like all Habanero games, has a good return to player on their investment.

What They Could Have Improved

For starters, they clearly could have chosen a theme that isn't quite so seasonal! Even though Christmas is our favorite holiday, we always felt it was an odd theme for a slot game on the internet. On top of that, it makes it feel strange when it's in the summer and you're looking for something to play. We think the main idea behind the frequent Christmas games you see is that season in general is some of the most lucrative and crowded for online slots, but it could be any number of things really, including how easy it is to pull it off.

We'd have loved some progressive jackpots to go in our stockings as well, but we'll spare you our soap box speech on that. Would have been nice as well to have more than 40 lines to bet on, 40 still being a lot and almost double what most games offer, but still not enough in our book.

General Style and Presentation

This game is cute, cuddly, cold, and overall well done. It stands toe to toe with any other game like it on the market, although we don't think anything they did here makes it stand out much. It's Christmas, again, and that's somewhat how it all felt to us.

It's the usual mix of snow, reds, blues, and greens, and all looks well done like all the rest. The theme being more city themed is definitely nice, however, and we don't like it when other games put things all out in the 'Christmas woods' or wherever they happen to think these things take place in.

Summing Up the Game

Happiest Christmas Tree Slots is a Christmas game standout that is heads above the rest, and not much more than that. In a crowded genre it still manages to entice us, but there's only so much they can do with the limited theme and source material. The theme entirely aside, if you are looking to put down up to $4,000 for a spin, and win back so much in return you could retire that same day, this game works well to that end.

If you're looking for something to cool you off in the summer, this does well there too, as it does if it's actually Christmas and you want things to put your money to online. For everyone else, you'll have to decide just how much betting a lot means to you, and how you feel about playing a Halloween themed game at Christmas as an analogy of the reverse. That would be weird, but for many, it isn't any weirder than playing a Christmas themed game at odd parts of the year where snow has never dared once to go in its entire short life!