Spring Tails Slots

This is a beautiful game by Betsoft that is themed after the year of the rat. You probably didn’t expect it to be a Chinese themed game based on the title, but you will be surprised once you see it! With a wonderful art style and nice animations, this is a very endearing title that will live on long after its zodiac year.

Nice Art and Gameplay

There really isn’t much to the game, other than the usual five reel style of playing. You can match things, get golden keys to earn free spins, and if you get enough cheese, earn some more winnings too. There are all kinds of cute little Chinese name things to match, as well as some rat themed things to go along with it. We’re not sure why they put peanuts here, as we didn’t realize routes ate peanuts, but we guess they’re probably willing to eat anything if they’re willing to eat their own babies!

The art style here is the main draw, being very clean and to the point. The illustration of the title right character in particular is the most well done, not that the rest of them are bad. It definitely has the most personality, however, featuring very big cartoon eyes the pier right now that you and deep into your soul.

Odd Theme

We think seasonal themed games are pretty good because they come around every year, but picking a zodiac theme game for the year of the rat is an odd choice. We think this game will still do well outside of its additional release here, however, as most people probably won’t realize that’s what it’s named after. They’ll just see some Asian themed stuff all jumbled together, think it looks kind of cute, and then give it a try.

If there were one thing we could change about the game, it’s probably the suits of playing cards that they used. It does not at all fit with the Chinese zodiac theme. It also isn’t nearly up to the standards of the rest of the illustrations, or even the user interface or background. When the user interface looks to die for compared to some of the reel images, you know they’ve got problems!

All told, this is a cute game that you’ll probably love or hate. Most people are probably going to fall into the first category, and if you like Asian things, it’s your cup of tea!