Romanov Riches Slots

We are huge fans of microgaming. They offer some of the biggest winnings on the market, maximum bets that sometimes go so high that you will wonder if someone had made an error somewhere, and play quite well. They tend to have a variety of line structures, bonuses, and things of that nature. There are wonderful to play, tend to be wonderful to look at, and we have fun with them for that reason. This game is in oddity in that regard, however, because it comes together in a fairly mediocre way.

Although the other collaborations done with this company have been stellar, this one leaves a lot to be desired. It’s rudimentary in all ways, and there’s really not much to it that you haven’t seen before. It doesn’t even tell you about what you will get in return, which is a troubling thing compared to other games, which feature of the return to play or prominently on the side as a percentage. These usually range from 90 to 98%, and all of them tend to be very good. Here, however, you’re not quite sure what you’re getting into, what you are getting into isn’t all that fun, and it doesn’t stand out from any other game you have ever played.

If you want to see micro gaming at its best, this game definitely won’t do that. It will somewhat sour your experience of what they can offer, isn’t really all that fun overall, and has a theme that is somewhat haphazard. We’re not quite sure who they thought the audience for this game would be, but it is certainly not us, we will say that! They could have done worse we suppose, but that’s not quite a compliment now is it? We recommend trying it just for fun, but willing to bet that you won’t stick around for much longer than a spin!

What You Can Expect

As the graphics clearly show, the production values on this one were decent. That is where the good things mostly end here, however, not really extending far beyond that. We’re not even quite sure what they were thinking when they made it, as it is not a game that has a whole lot to offer players besides what you can find almost anywhere else, other places typically doing better!

This game is a collaboration based on a theme, but looking at it, you’re probably not going to even know that or be aware of it. There’s not some things here that is going to tip you off to that, and the license that appears to be in place isn’t really all that great either. It has a very well done and has winning potential, going up to 1000 times about, but that’s the main thing that we can complement about this game. Other than that, and it vaguely looks like jewelry that you have seen elsewhere, only done somewhat respectably!

What They Could Have Improved

Most of this game is something we would list under this category! Although it looks like the production values are good enough, that is mostly where things end. They didn’t do a whole lot here to entice players in any other way. There is nothing here that you will see that is going to impress you, meaning we would change pretty much everything to improve this game. They could have done with more fun bonus rounds, for example, as well as a better return on investment for players. They also could have added some progressive jackpots, and things of that nature would have gone a long way. This is the long side raising the maximum betting amount to higher than just $100, as microgaming is known for being able to bet as much as you like. $100 Definitely is not that!

In addition to all of that, there are also plenty of things that we would change about the way betting works too. Having a very poultry 15 lines to bet on doesn’t keep things too interesting. The coin sizes are also relatively small. Most of the graphics are also suits are playing cards! There’s a lot here they could’ve done better with, nothing really standing out as a great effort.

General Style and Presentation

This is one of the only things that is halfway decent about the game, and we mean that literally. Everything feels somewhat half done. It looks like it was well produced, but none of it is at all interesting. Everything is mostly a diamond or some kind of gem, all of them somewhat blending together and looking the same. Nothing has a lot of character to it, and all of it feels somewhat stale. It is almost as if they took images from a stock website and plaster them around. We’re not a big fan of that kind of look, even though they clearly put all of their efforts into the way that this game looks. We will say that the trimming is very classy, but that’s it!

If you like jewelry, dark colors, and gold highlights, however, you will love this!

Summing Up the Game

Romanov Riches Slots overall is somewhat of a letdown. They took a lot of money and put it into the graphics, but failed to make any of it interesting. You can win up to 1000 times a bet, but that’s about it. You’re not even quite sure how much people win in this game, as the return to the player is listed nowhere. This is something that we caution players against, as listing something like that gives you an assurance that you are at least going to win! This game, not being all that fun and being far riskier because of that, it’s hard to recommend for that reason. We do recommend giving it a spin to see if you liked it, but that’s about it! It would only take a penny.