Milk the Cash Cow Slots

We sometimes piss on rival gaming for looking fairly cheap, but this one is definitely the king of cheapness when it comes to that. It features the odd combination of cows and money for the theme, with an art style that looks like something made in earlier versions of Adobe flash. The theme itself is not at all fun to look at, the sense of style there’s a lot to be desired, and we are personally not a big fan of the cow pattern that seems to go behind the reels itself. It’s somewhat like someone’s first attempt at a prototype game to need a lot more work.

Standard All Around

Like many of their other games, there’s not much to see here when it comes to gameplay. Three reels, one line, and that’s it. You can match buckets of money, bars, a cow, and piles of money. Although this sounds fun in principle, the art style really isn’t all that endearing. There’s no cartoon colorfulness to it, except maybe for the car with somebody coming out of his mouth. They could have easily use that sense of style elsewhere, however, to make it seem far less boring.

Our main group with the art style is that it has to have one of the laziest backgrounds we have ever seen. It is pretty much a series of green gradients with some sky in the background. That’s it, and you kind of have to look at it for a little bit to even wonder what you’re looking at. That’s how you know you haven’t captured your scene here.

There are also some inconsistencies when it comes to the barrels of money themselves. They’re not quite drawn in perspective at the right angle, and it all looks a little bit wonky in practice. Cylinders aren’t very hard to draw, so we’re not quite sure how they screw that up. They also pick something that would have been fairly easy to get right, and managed to screw it up. Does it really inspire confidence in the game itself. We also think the logo is a little bit hard to look at, featuring too many designer effects and colors.

Hit or Miss

This is probably our least favorite rifle gaming title. If you like what you see here, we recommend jumping ship and playing any of their other titles in mediately. No matter where you play the game, they definitely got better ones!