Bulls Eye Slots

This is an odd game all around. Although we understand that the theme of the game itself is darts, most of the game actually has to do with the title character that is a cartoon bull himself. With everything that he wins and buys, as well as his luxury items that he enjoys while playing, this game will charm you just how strange and outlandish the theme becomes as you play! It looks great, plays really well, and is fiendishly unique in the online slot world. You won’t find anything else like it, guaranteed!

One thing that we enjoyed in particular about the theme are the insanely high returns to the player on winning. It is more than just a pretty game to look at. They did such a good job here that 96% is the RTP! That’s insane, and is probably the larger reason that this is one of our most popular slot games. Microgaming did a wonderful job, and the popularity of the game is complete proof of that!

Even if it did not pay very well and have a wonderful theme, however, it still has a lot going for it. It is actually inspired by a game show, and has 243 lines for you to bet on. That alone makes it interesting, and explains a lot of the quirky things that you will see in the game that would have otherwise gone over your head like so many darts! You could also with plenty of free spins, up to 15 at a time, along with 15 times multipliers during them as a maximum.

If you would like to find out why this game is so well loved, want something to get into that isn’t going to require a lot of upfront investment, and like your slot games to be genuinely fine, this is the game for you!

What You Can Expect

For starters, this game has one of the quirkiest themes we have seen in a while. We did not actually know that this was based on a game show that you would find on TV, so we simply thought it was strange. After we look things up, however, we thought it was even stranger! We’re actually not even sure how this managed to be made into a game show, it’s just that weird. The sense of strangeness pervades every part of the game, in a good way. It’s all going to make you laugh, smile, and have a good time. There is an unmistakable sense of character here that you definitely will not find in one other game on the whole Internet!

Aside from that, you will find a fast-paced game that seems to be designed to have you bet in strategic amounts in to win in short order. Have a 243 lines for you to bet on, that was clearly a very strategic decision on the part of the developers! We love microgaming for a reason, and that’s just one of them. We also enjoy how high the multipliers get, being sky high compared to the average fair you will see it. Although 15 might sound like a small number, considering you win far more often, it ends up being better! That sums up our general take on the game as far as what we liked about it. It looks great, plays well, and you’ll be surprised by just how good everything came out!

What They Could Have Improved

There is clearly a slot about a game show that they could’ve taken more time with, despite how much we enjoy it. The bonus round for example, isn’t that much to write home about. You win some multipliers, get some free spins, and that’s about it. They easily could have worked darts more into the game and made it a little more interesting. We also wish that they would have made it clear how this relates to the TV show. It’s fun, that’s for sure, but it would have been nice to have a little more background on that. This would make sense of the game for players not willing to take the time to look it up, or read a review like this one.

We would normally say we wish the production values were higher, but considering it’s all based on a TV show, we know it was all taken from that, and they were somewhat limited there!

General Style and Presentation

This game looks cute, campy, and strange, like a logo drawn by a child mixed with some very nice 3-D renderings by a skilled artist. It is a very mixed bag in that way, much like the source material for the game. The fonts and other elements of it also look somewhat like a bowling alley, which is about what we would expect from a game based on the sport of darts. Bowling alley, or bar, that’s where we usually see him, and everything looks like it was ripped from something just like that! You have to like dark browns and saturated colors, but we do in particular!

Summing Up the Game

Bulls Eye Slots is one of the strangest games you’ll find around here. It is based on an even stranger game show on TV, and in general, is very strange. It pays out very well, and for that reason, it will pay you to give it some of your time. Aside from that, however, and you may feel somewhat alienated and left out of the cold by this game. It is fun, but it all feels like it is about something that you are unfamiliar with, making a series of jokes that you don’t quite get it. That was how we felt, Although we did still have a good time. If you’re mostly in these for lots of money, and find the bull cute, or have a love of darts, feel free to try it!