Cash 'n' Curry Slots

We never thought we would see the day when we would be playing a game who’s theme was actually curry! It feels like our lives have come full circle, as that tends to be what we are eating as we play. This game from microgaming, despite having a very funny theme, is no joke when it comes to how you spend your time. We think they did a phenomenal job here, making a very light weight, fast-paced game that is fun whether you are a fan of the title spice or not!

Being only three reels in total, there is very little here that you need to figure out. It is all about spinning and winning, typically at a very high pace, which is a wonderful thing to experience the longer you play. We had a great time with it, we think you will too, and we loved every last bit! Right down to the last bite. Although there is only one line for you to bet on here, all of what you will find all the reels makes it all the better. The payout rate here is just as high as he would come to expect from anything we offer, and you still do a pretty good chance to win it for that reason! Although this game lacks a progressive jackpot, it does have a good bonus round, and the ability to win up to 5000 coins anytime you bet. That’s still enough to make you rich, so we could sit her in a jackpot at our book!

If you are looking for a cubit is easy on the eyes, provides for a hot added ties six sets of player, it has a fib that you have not seen anywhere else, but the spicy red dish in of the slot machine Jada it was made just for you! There’s not a whole lot about it that has to do with curry, but it still pretty tasty to play!

What You Can Expect

This game keeps it simple in every way, shape, and form, right down to the color scheme. That is part of its charm, however, and we think you will appreciate it in short order! It’s a simple game for a reason, and that is because they want you to play at rapidfire for a long spans of time. That makes it easy to jump into and even easier to place your bets. You’ll never have to think too much about how much money you are putting down, or anything of that nature. It all happens at a very good pace, we have a very good time with it for that reason, andyou can expect your winnings to add up just as quickly as you could click the button!

The production values here are not high, but they are fairly good. They made all of the classic aspects you would expect of an old Vegas casino game have a nice spicy theme to them, even including some beers for good measure. That was a particular put a smile on our face, as did the higher betting amounts you could win anytime you spin! It’s like a super version of the classic genre.

What They Could Have Improved

Although we like how simple this game is, and how happy the presentation ends up coming off, it is one that they clearly could have done a little bit more on when it comes to production values and features. Although there is a bonus mode for example, nothing about the game here is going to entice you very much. There’s not a whole lot going on here that you haven’t said before, and none of it looks particularly impressive. It’s a game that you have somewhat seen before, but only done in a very good way. If you have played a lot of games, this will probably put you off just a bit. It is one that is easy for newcomers to get in on, however!

General Style and Presentation

This game is a really fun one to look at, thanks to the purple and bright color scheme that you likely have not seen much of anywhere else. The way that it is done here makes it a joy, and it is quite fun to look at. The production values opted for a very crisp and clear and stout presentation that was sparse on the details. There is still a lot of character and enthusiasm to it in everything they did, however, and we had a good time looking at it for that reason.

If we had to summarize how the game works, although we want to refrain from using the word spicy again, it would be like a spicy version of a classic slot machine game, although it is still very much a classic slot if you were to take that one little jalapeño away!

Summing Up the Game

Cash 'n' Curry Slots is easily one of the only games about curry that you are likely to play in the slot world. The intent of the developers was to make it simple and to the point, and that is enough to get most players interested, alongside the teheme. It is a game that is fun to play, pays outside well, and you will have an OK time with it. It doesn’t offer anything that will blow you away, but it is still quite fun, and an easy game to recommend. If you want another one to add to your collection, are OK with the lack of intricate bonus features, and like to keep things simple, this is a great way to do it. The itheme is very tongue in cheek, which is an odd thing to say for a game that would technically lite your mouth on fire were you to ingest it in anyway, shape, or form!