Major Moolah Slots

This is one of the oldest and most well like games by company rival gaming. It takes us back further than most of their other entries, which might be part of the reason why. The main distinguishing factor of this game, as opposed to the rest of their fairly stale catalog, is that there is a nice big jackpot on the top of the screen at all times. This makes things a lot more enticing that they are in all of the rest of their catalog. If you like games for the money, this is the game to play if you are a rival gaming fan.

Formulaic with Jackpots

For starters, this game has the same formula as the rest of all of their catalog. It is three reels with one line to match on, and the number of reel images is high. The reason that this game probably has a jackpot as opposed to the others, however, is that there are far more images on the reels to match. Even among the number seven you have three different varieties. This makes your chances of winning something like the jackpot a lot lower, but the jackpot itself is also worth a lot more. It’ll be up to you if this is worth the trade-off! We think it is.

The graphics here or pretty mundane, and have a fairly old school art budget look to them. They almost look like clipart and fonts taken from Microsoft word back in its early versions. This is kind of strange considering how modern the UI elsewhere looks, but it is an old game, so we would expect for it to look a little bit wonky.

Classic Gaming

The theme is basically classic Vegas. You have some sevens, some gold coins, some bars, and variations of those. Some sevens are red, white, or blue. Nothing out of the ordinary here, but a little more variety than you are used to seeing elsewhere. We enjoy it, and don’t think the art style is the problem so much as the limited game play if we were to criticize it.

If you want to see one of rival gaming’s classic hits that helped make them a name in the industry, this is it. Featuring their classic formula thrown together with a nice hefty jackpot, it doesn’t really get any better from them than this game right here!