Global Cup Soccer Slots

Even for fans of soccer, this game feels a little bit lazy. Featuring somewhat stale imagery that only vaguely has to do with the game itself, you have to be a super fan of the sport to really get it looking out of it. It doesn’t look all that great, it doesn’t play all that interestingly, and the payouts seem to be somewhat average. Still, however, if you are going to play anything like soccer, there’s not that many games out there to pick from!

A Lazy Attempt

Our main problem with this game is that there really isn’t a whole lot of soccer here. They could have done a lot more with a real imagery to make it feel a lot more soccer life. Other games of this kind seem to have a love of the content and theme that they choose. It is shown throughout every aspect of the reels of the game itself. Here, however, it looks like someone that’s not a soccer fan was hired to use some clipart to make a game based on the theme. There’s really not a whole lot to love here, and for that reason, it feels a little stale.

The graphics here are better than you will find in many other places, however. They have a somewhat illustrative style to them that has just the right amount of shine, and we do mean shine! Everything here from the bars to the many trophies you can see are also shiny that it’s hard not to wonder if your screen is getting a bit of a glare. Even the referee looks like he’s got a little bit of shine to his face, as if you himself were sweating and playing the game.

Most Sports People Will Enjoy It

Aside from that, you have a fairly standard game by rival gaming. Pretty much all of their games are exactly the same, so we recommend going with the one who’s theme you must personally relate to. One advantage of this game is that many people have played out and found that it pays out very well. This may be luck of the draw, or it could be intentional. Whatever the reason, however, that is something that will work towards your decision-making when deciding whether or not to invest time into this game. We’re not soccer fans, so this one is not our cup of tea, but maybe it’ll be for you!