Flea Market Slots

This is one of the strangest themes for a game we have ever seen. Taking place at the flea market, and featuring actual fleas, it mixes together random crap to form a fairly classic game with an outlandish art style. We’re not entirely sure how we feel about it, I think most people will probably feel the same. Still, however, you can do a lot worse, and if you’re in this for the money, then you’re more than get your fair share of that here!

Feels Reused from Elsewhere

For starters, we think we know how they came up with the theme to this game. They probably had some unused assets from other games, and then put those together with the background image that tried to make sense of it. We really can’t think of why else they would have such a random collection of crap here. They clearly had a decent artist making the images, and that he or she could have very easily made them a lot more coherent. It would be nice if anyone could let us know if our theory is correct, as it would explain a lot of the way the game works.

The way the gameplay is, however, is a standard as they come. It has only three reels, and one line to match. There isn’t anything else to it, and nothing that could possibly be confusing. There aren’t any bonus rounds, interesting tidbits, or anything of that kind. There isn’t even any kind of jackpot. You just hit the spin button repeatedly, and hope for the best! If you turn on auto play, you don’t even have to do that.

Plays Fine Though

For what it is, it’s decent looking and plays just fine. We still can’t shake the feeling that this was made out of leftovers from other greater games, however. Nothing ever really makes a whole lot of sense here, even the flea market theme. On top of that, for a game featuring actual fleas in the background of being called flea market, there are absolutely no images of fleas all the reels themselves. Not even the cartoon variety that adore the sides of the game itself. This is a pet theory of ours, and we think most people will probably feel similarly while playing it, even if they can’t voice won’t feel so out about the game.

If you just want money, however, you could do a lot worse.