Fantastic Fruit Slots

This is probably one of the laziest and least attractive games we have seen from rival gaming. Usually, they are known for having decent art styles put over some very standard Gameplay that at the very least works. Here, however, they look like they have photo realistic images cut out of other things, all put together in a somewhat haphazard his way. We’re not a particularly fan of the way that it looks, and the way that it plays isn’t going to win any awards, either. If you’re OK with that, however, there still some classic fun to be had here.

So Ugly it Hurts

For starters, this game is probably one of the least attractive games about fruit we have ever seen in any game about fruit in existence. It’s not even necessarily the fact that it’s a slot machine game that we are comparing it to. Even mobile phone games that happened to future fruit tend to do so in a far more flattering fashion. These look like leftover clip art images that they got from some random website on the Internet, and combined them with some bar symbols. That’s fine we suppose, and that it technically spins. It’s not going to win anybody over, however.

As we have just gotten through telling you about, the gameplay here is about as standard as it comes. With only three reels and one line to win on, there’s nothing to figure out here, and a whole lot going on. This makes things pretty simple, but it also makes them somewhat boring if you play it for a long time. This would probably have been impressive way back in the 1900s which slot machine games were starting to get traction. In the year 2020, however, at long after, this is no longer very impressive. It looks like something that for the most part most people can probably because they’re very first game with learning how to develop them.

Try it for Yourself

For that reason, we think this is a game you have to try for yourself to decide. We personally did not find it all that great, but other uses like it quite a bit because it seems to pay out fairly often. This might be the upside of them being lazy with the amount of images on the reels. Because there are seemingly fewer of them, you win more often. There’s an upside to everything we suppose!