Bust-a-Vault Slots

If you want a sample of no-frills game the harkens back to the early days of gambling, you found it. There isn’t much here you haven’t seen before, but it works very well, and it is completely intuitive. There’s something to be said for something very simple, and easy to relax with. This game does that in spades, having a theme based on getting some money, which is entirely appropriate.

Classic for a Reason

Brought to you by rival gaming, this three real classic game that you bet in increments from pennies to five dollars a coin. There is only one line to win out here, and the maximum bet is $50. You won’t see anything here that you haven’t seen time and again, even in the most rudimentary of slot machine Games. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t play well, however, as it keeps things classic.

There aren’t any bonus rounds or anything of that kind. There really isn’t a whole lot of anything, aside from some bars, cherries, lemons, oranges, and the safes to crack that are alluded to in the title. We wish they could have had an actual vault, but we understand that a lot of people probably wouldn’t know the difference.

Nice Change of Pace

One thing this game has going for it as compared to all the other more complicated brothers and sisters on the Internet is that it is a nice change of pace from them. There’s no fantasy theme, bonus mechanics to be familiar with, or crazy art style to get used to. It is the most basic slot machine game you could possibly imagine, it goes by lightning quick. You could even turn it on to auto play, letting the winning happen on its own for you as you sit back and let the wins roll in.

That is both what this game has going for it, as well as its biggest flaw. If you want something a little more in depth like the many other games that have taken over the online slot machine space, you won’t find it here. You will hardly find anything, aside from some quick matching fun. If that sounds appealing to you, however, and you want something that is very low involvement and requires absolutely no learning curve, this is a good fit. It’s also a good fit for older people that liked it when games were a hell of a lot simpler. We can relate sometimes, as things get kind of crazy!