Wild Gladiators Slots

We really love this game. Let us start off by saying that this game is probably one of the best games about gladiators we have ever played. It is entirely based on its own version of the theme, feeling entirely unique, and not a cheap rehash of everything else. It looks so good they easily could have made their own series out of it, and after having played it, we wish they would have! This is a version of the battles and era should rub you just right, and one that you will don't want to miss! It also pays you quite well for spending the time looking at the dazzlingly good graphics!

Even if we were not gushing so much about the way the game looks, however, there is still plenty to like here. You could with up to 100,000 coins in a single spin, for example, and there are many bonus features. The number of wilds can increase, you can win free spins, and multiplier start showing up like they're falling out of the sky! There are even jackpots, and you can play it on any device you would like. This game is very popular for a reason, and that is because it easily excels on all fronts and in always!

If there was one thing we would change about the game, it would simply be being able to see more of it. The suits of cards are opportunities that could have been used to make more of the wonderful graphics, but that's a very minor thing to complain about. Pragmatic play certainly made a wonderful world here, backed by sky high bets of about $125 a spin, and a bunch of wonderful graphics to keep everybody happy. If you love the time and era this was based on that, like a good fight, or things like Spartacus, you'll love this!

What You Can Expect

This is the where they clearly put everything on the list that they wanted to do, spent all of their time achieving it, and then left nothing out or to chance. The end result is well produced, well-made, it feels really good, and plays just as well! We had a wonderful time just sitting back and looking at it, and to see this game spin is to smile. They also added plenty of things like jackpots and otherwise to make it all worth your time. It is not every day that we see a game that we like it nearly always, but this one did just that. The sense of style and the pacing of it is all absolutely perfect.

Even if it wasn't so pretty, and we did not love the theme, there's still quite a bit to enjoy here. For example, the many bonus features make it far more interesting to play for longer play sessions. Not all games have one, but this game has at least four! We also really do enjoy the win multiplier that is it on the right side of the screen, making it all feel fun and alive. When you add to that the higher returns to the player, you have a game that cannot be missed!

What They Could Have Improved

Despite being so wonderful, there are still some things here that we would have changed. We would have done without the suits of cards, for example, and replaced that with any of the wonderful images that they produced elsewhere. The Tigers, the shields, and the Warriors all look absolutely divine, as does Julius Caesar himself. The gladiators are about the best we have ever seen, it would have been nice to see a lot more of that rather than randomly inserted elements from cards. They do technically use Roman characters, however, so we suppose it is fitting it that way!

General Style and Presentation

This game looks like they use some strange combination of photos, painting, and wonderful artwork and colors to make it look better that they had every right to. If you have ever see the old artwork for the SNK series of fighting games on the Neo Geo, you have seen a very similar style. We absolutely love that style, being a combination of larger than life as well as photo realistic. It's somewhat like a supercharged version of reality, which would you add to the fact that this game is about fighting to the death, makes it a lot more fun!

Aside from that, and you will see a lot of blues, reds, and beiges, all perfectly working together to draw your eye around and add interest to entice your visual sense. It really does look great, and is about the best games we have ever laid eyes on!

Summing Up the Game

Wild Gladiators Slots does not have many games to compete with when it comes to the gladiator space, nor Roman games in general. Even if we were to count Greek along side of that, there still are not too many of these floating around the Internet. Despite that, it is still a great game compared to them all, and compared to most slots in general. They hit the artwork out of the park here, made authentically enticing jackpots, and invented beautiful bonus features that make fun to play, doing not a thing wrong in anyway. This is an example of perfection at work, making it no surprise as to why it is so popular. If you would like to test your head at the arena, feel free to jump into this world and play to your heart's content! At least here, if you lose, you're not going to die. At least not literally. Be careful with how much you bet, or your significant other may end up wanting to kill you!