Gnome Wood Slots

It is very rare that we see a game come along that is so fresh, new, and inventive that it entirely captures our attention and impresses us in every way. We have played hundreds if not thousands of these online slot machine games on the Internet, and we could probably count on one hand the amount of times that this has occurred. Thankfully, this game is one of those times, which we are surprised to say! We personally hate gnomes, but found ourselves completely enthralled with this expertly crafted game which looks just as good as it plays.

The main draw of this game, which you can see immediately, is clearly the world that they have captured here at the graphics. It is a sight to behold, entirely original in concept and done according to every principle in the book that works. It looks like it could be made into a wonderful film that we would pay money to see, and although we have not been able to find information about this, it looks so good that we initially wondered if it was a licensed slot machine game made after an existing movie!

Even if it wasn’t so pretty and well done that that way, however, there is still a lot of fun to be had here. They have wonderful gameplay mechanics that you are used to seeing from microgaming, such as free spins that rain down from time to time, coin sizes they go from as little as just a penny all the way up to around one dollar, and a low maximum betting amount of $25 for a spin. This is all very familiar to most players, but for good reason. These are the mechanics that are the most popular in all of the games on the websites like these, so there is a reason that they have chosen to include them here!

If you want a game that is all at once fun, fresh, and familiar, this one accomplishes all of those things wonderfully. We never thought we would love a game about gnomes, and there is only other one on the market that we could think of. This game is definitely the best, and even if it were not for that, but would still rank very highly!

What You Can Expect

For starters, you can expect one of the most imaginative looking games you have ever seen. They seem to have used a combination of 3-D rendering and painting, but it all looks so fresh and new that it’s really hard to say. If you have ever played the Skylanders series, this has a somewhat similar look to it, which we say in a positive way. It is a vibrant, colorful, and has a certain sort of charm to it that is hard to place and replicate.

They did put all of their eggs in the graphical basket here for sure, but there are still plenty of things to praise about this game aside from just that. For example, it plays very fast and wonderfully, giving you quite a bit to work with when it comes to ways of winning. The free spins feature will keep you going for a long time, and happens to come around more often than most slots would typically have. When you make everything else as accessible and familiar as it is otherwise, you have a very immersive experience thanks to the well done graphics and the entirely familiar way of playing and winning.

What They Could Have Improved

The gameplay here is not bad, but it clearly is the weak link. They did nothing here that was all that innovative or new, which is in very stark contrast to the graphics. There aren’t even any jackpots or things of that nature. This is all a shame because we really do love the game otherwise. This would be an area they easily could have improved upon, however. If they had done so much as anything, with even a bonus round or something of that nature, it would have got a long way. With how pretty this game looks, but it’s a wonder that they didn’t do something as simple as that!

General Style and Presentation

This game looks like a magical forest filled with wonderful creatures that you would find in a feature film. It has a somewhat storied look too if that makes it seem like it is designed to encourage exploration and thoughts of that kind. Everything is very bright, colorful, and it makes lots of use of the color green. It also has an ancient look to it, everything being given a look that has a somewhat relic like feel. The cute little creatures also have a lot of personality, just as much, if not more, than what you would usually find at the movies. This makes for a game that is a joy to see, we enjoyed that aspect of it, and we would be surprised if it didn’t bring joy to you as well just to look at the screenshots!

Summing Up the Game

Gnome Wood Slots is an impressive game in nearly everywhere. Although the gameplay is not going to blow you away with how innovative it is, and we say that with love, everything else certainly will. It looks amazing, it has a wonderful art direction to it, and you’ll find yourself wondering if it was taken from some kind of animated film or video game. They really captured a nice sense of majesty here that you don’t see very often. For that reason alone we can recommend it, but also to win lots of money of course! It still pays out very well, and very often. We have no problems with it there! And we will be surprised if you didn’t love it.