Emoticoins Slots

Emoticoins Slots
They have made movies about them, we use them every day, and they seem to create more overtime for reasons unknown. Made for people that prefer communicating in :-) images rather than the written word, this game tackles that growing popularity with gusto, and makes you see clearly why these things are so popular! The cute expressions and the high winning amounts make for a very compelling experience, unless you are like us and have grown somewhat sick of these little things! Although we do enjoy them, you have to admit, they are starting to pile up quite a bit. They’ve even started to remake emoji for individual foods, and at that point, we’re not even sure why they’re making them anymore!

There’s a lot to do in this game, and plenty to see. Using the usual trappings from the real time gaming games you all love and know, this is a fairly standard experience on the gameplay front, but manages to mix things up thanks to some compelling gameplay mechanics, and some fun ways that they worked in text speak into the gameplay. One example of this is the LOL feature that comes up somewhat often, which is a nice touch.

This is a game we had a lot of fun with, although we will admit, we actually don’t like emojis all that much. There are all manner of them around in this game, and it actually served as somewhat of a lesson to us in identifying which ones there are. Seemingly every expression you can imagine is present in this game, at least as far as the ones we tend to use on a daily basis. It would actually be kind of fun if they had a game that included every single emoji you could use, although that would make matching them almost impossible, and would have left a larger dent in our wallet for that reason!

What is This Slot About?

This game is all about :-) faces, and winning money on the Internet. It is an odd combination, but clearly there is something to it, as they have made movies about this, and we use them every day! In this case, we actually think this works a lot better than making a movie out of them, as all they really have to do here is look cute, where as a film trying to put a story to it just didn’t work. The end result is something that everyone will enjoy, no matter who you are, unless you simply hate positive facial expressions!

How Does the Game Actually Play?

This game plays pretty well, and we had a very decent time of it. Like we said, it’s the usual five reel game with 30 pay lines that you would come to expect from a real time gaming title. This is not bad, that just means it is very familiar for fans that have played all of the other games around here. On top of that, there are some new bonus features, such as the wild blast feature. This gives you more wilds you would expect, and there are other features in line with that which do similar things. They’re not much, but they keep things interesting!

As for the specific images you can match, they vary far and wide like a good smile. We’re actually not even sure how to describe some of them, as they are all basically :-)’s that have various expressions attached to them which work. We suppose this is fitting in a way, as that is part of the reason these were made into images to use on our phones in the first place. Rest assured, however, there are happy ones, whistling ones, some of them wearing sunglasses, and everything in between.

How’s it Look?

This game looks very decent, thanks mostly to it being entirely composed of preset facial expressions that have been meticulously designed by people from all over the world. Expressions are usually our favorite part of any game, making this one’s focus entirely on that a very good idea. It is very bright, colorful and cheerful as well, which goes entirely in line with the theme. The faces themselves look absolutely wonderful, featuring the usual yellows and reds you would expect, and the rainbow features in the background help to distinguish them quite a bit. It’s a well-done package overall, and they spared no expense!

What We Enjoyed

+ Art + Smiles

We We Didn’t Much Care For

- Jackpots

Who is the Ideal Audience of this Particular Slot?

If you spend all day on your phone talking to one another and sending cute little images, then this game is for you. It’s exactly the sort of thing that would appeal to people that live in communication with each other, or simply like expressive things. For everyone else, it’s still fun to look at, and just enough fun to play to keep almost anyone interested.

Summing it All Up — Should You Play This Fine Game?

Summing it up, Emoticoins Slots is a pretty nice game that is pretty decent to look at and is very pretty overall. That really describes their intention here, trying to make something fun and accessible and exciting by using images that are both enticing and familiar. They sprinkled on a lot of wild cards and cute little things that go with the gameplay to keep it interesting, and it makes for a pretty solid package that is fairly easy to recommend. We think that almost anyone will enjoy this game, unless you have a cold heart, or are simply sick of seeing these things all the time and would rather have a break from them! That admittedly describes us, but we still had a decent go of it.