Chicken Little Slots

Anyone looking for something new here is completely out of luck. Although it features some nice background images and a good amount of colorful cartoon art, there really isn’t much here you haven’t seen before. About the only thing different here is the art style, so take a good look at the title image. If it doesn’t draw you in, nothing about the game probably ever will!

Based on You Know the Thing

We’re not going to lie, we’ve heard of chicken little, but we really have no idea what the nursery rhyme or story or whatever it is it has to do with. We have a feeling this is going to be true of most players to. To us, it’s a vaguely barnyard themed game, and that’s probably going to be how it is remembered by the majority of people to play it. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, just something to keep in mind. If you were a fan of the source material, there’s probably not much here that you’ve alluded to it, other chickens on the reel‘s.

As far as the art style goes, we like it quite a bit. They look like they took some strange cartoon images and traced them over in vector style, but it still has that somewhat unique look to it. The colors are the real star of the show here, being well chosen and popping in just the right amount. It does like a little bit of polish here and there, but we think overall it came out pretty well, it is a game who’s art aesthetic will probably stick out to you as entirely unique in the online gambling arena.

Otherwise Simple

As for the game player, it would be impossible for them to have made it any simpler. You have three reels, one line to win on, and you spin away. There’s nothing more to it, and that’s probably for the best. There aren’t enough images on the reels to have anything fill out more content than that, so you are forced to enjoy it and classic form. If you’re the kind of person that loves this, you’ll love the game. If you’re the kind of person that wanted something more involved or interesting, you’re definitely going to have to keep looking.

This game has a pretty face, but the beauty is about skin deep. It’s certainly not a bad game, but it’s an art style over a fairly rudimentary slot formula.